Paraguay Sights Vol 1 – Encarnatión and Around

Jesuit Ruins

This is the most impressive sight in Paraguay and also pretty much the only organised tourist attraction in the whole country. It is the first UNESCO World Heritage site (declared in 1993) I have visited that is virtually deserted of people. The whole area is just yours to stroll around. The ruins are from the 17th century when Jesuit missionaries from Spain arrived in Paraguay and “brought civilisation” to the native Guarani population. The ruins consists of the main church, Jesuit quarters and houses of local Guarani people. So many decorations are well preserved. We read that they are perfect example of Mestizo art, i.e., a mixture of European and South American art.

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Singapore Botanic Gardens – Perfect Oasis for Free

One other great thing about Singapore are botanical gardens that are the only ones in the tropics to be UNESCO World Heritage Site. After spending several hours there we could perfectly understand why. The plant variety is incredible and so is attention to detail. Little statues and sculptures emerge in every little corner to complete the picture. They also are free to enter – very nice addition in a very expensive city like Singapore.

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