Dresden – a Beautiful City of Baroque Architecture and Funky Art Scene

Few things to mention before getting to Dresden. The convenience of flying within Schengen zone – this becomes even more apparent after travelling outside Europe where we spend many hours queuing in border checks. Now we flew from Helsinki to Prague – so smooth, absolutely zero minutes wasted in clearing immigration. If only people would remember this when they talked about European Union.

Second it is nice to be back to Europe where things are familiar, organised, and predictable. You should have seen the delight on Markus’s face when we arrived at German autobahn and he could hit the gas pedal. The joy of driving over 110km/h. Also seeing an old Trabbi got him quite excited.


We did our day trip the smart way. We stayed at the cheap “pension” close to the border on Czech side and then drove 45 min to Dresden thus avoiding high accommodation costs in Dresden. Read More »