Life in Boracay

I just realised that we have less than a week left in Boracay. It is a little bittersweet since we are only now starting to feel like at home. We know where to do laundry, where to get the cheapest bottled water and where to find best foods for different moods. People around our flat remember us and say hi, it is such a nice feeling. At the same time we of course want to see more of the world since we are already quite familiar with this island. The time seems to fly so soon we will have to be ready to move on. Read More »

First days in Boracay

Our third day in Boracay, our home for the next month. This is the first morning I actually feel clear in my head and like I have enough energy to stay awake. As you know, we have been travelling intensively for the last two months, not staying more than 2-3 nights in one place. What a relief to unpack both of our suitcases and being able to have couple of days of not doing anything.


Our little studio is directly above Diniwid beach. To be more precise, 150 steps up or down. We get both the workout and seclusion of being isolated from the active life on the beach. I am getting more and more convinced that we got a bargain deal with our accommodation through airbnb. In February the whole island is 92% booked and the cheapest hotel rooms are about GBP50 per night. We only pay about GBP20 per night and have all we need here – comfy bed, aircon and wifi. Not to mention lovely views from up the hill.

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Learning to Scuba Dive at the Great Barrier Reef

So we decided to become certified divers and embarked on a learn to dive course in Cairns. First we had two days of classroom and pool training and 4 training dives at the Great Barrier Reef. Now we are finally certified divers, who can dive up to 18m. This afternoon will be our first independent dive. Read More »