A Journey in Numbers

Since we’re back in Europe for a couple of weeks, I thought it’s time for small résumé. Being a mathematician, the only way I could think of was doing it in numbers…

5 months on the road

We left London on December 6 and touched down in Helsinki on May 8. It’s not even been that long, but our time in London already feels like a different life in the distant past.

10 countries visited

Namely: Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand. Granted, Hong Kong and Macau are special administrative regions of China, not sovereign countries, but they handle their own immigration, which brings me to my next point. Read More »

Let’s talk about money…

No, this is not about the costs of travelling (though I recently took a good look at the spreadsheets that capture all our plans and expenses, which at times is a bit worrying – but hey! no reason to stress 😉 ) nor about ways to refill the war chest (I am currently venturing into the field of freelance software development, but that deserves a post on its own). This is about the practicality of paying, calculating, and, most importantly, talking in dozens of different currencies. Not only does every country we travel to has its own currency but naturally the readers of this blog also live and think in different currencies. So far we tried to add some context to our expenses in Aussie or Kiwi dollars by giving an estimate in pounds, but this will be of little help to all our friends in Europe etc.

Worry no more! Going back to programming for work it came to my mind that this is something that really should be done by software. So I hacked away a little over the past two days and came up with a small plugin that fetches current exchange rates and automatically converts prices it finds in the text into the currency of the user’s choice. You should find a menu to your right (on a large screen) or on the bottom (on a small screen) where you can pick your favourite currency. It may take a second or two to fetch the exchange rate, but just like magic you should see the prices in the correct currency. Yeah! Read More »