Singapore Zoo – Meet the Animals in their Natural Habitat

Markus and I really love visiting zoos and going out of town to visit one in Singapore was totally worth it – it turned out to be one of the best zoos we have been. They really try and recreate a natural habitat for animals and in many cases one can just walk around and observe animals that are not behind bars like in typical zoo. They also have a great variety of species. I guess being at the equator the natural conditions of many animals are easy to recreate. Please meet some of the animals we met there for the very first time.

Proboscis monkey

This long nosed monkey reminded me so much of Pinocchio. Except that for them the nose is not connected to lying but to sexual attractiveness. The longer the nose of the male monkey the more attractive he is to females. These monkeys are only found in Borneo.

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Singapore Botanic Gardens – Perfect Oasis for Free

One other great thing about Singapore are botanical gardens that are the only ones in the tropics to be UNESCO World Heritage Site. After spending several hours there we could perfectly understand why. The plant variety is incredible and so is attention to detail. Little statues and sculptures emerge in every little corner to complete the picture. They also are free to enter – very nice addition in a very expensive city like Singapore.

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