Kuala Lumpur Part 2 – Good Food, Friends, Malls and Random Oddities!

The big irony is that while Malaysia is a muslim country with pork and alcohol hard to come by, we had one of the nicest meals with pork here and a tower of beer on the house – more of that to follow. First though I should mention that food in Malaysia is certainly ticking the box of the nicest countries on our travels. I am not sure what it is exactly that makes even the simplest food so delicious – I think it is a combination of spices. And it is so cheap.

On our first day we had lunch from the street stall (we could sit down and everything) for MYR7.50 per person. It was spicy chicken, tofu, rice and a glass of ice tea. So much tastier than any street food we had in the Philippines for example.

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Kuala Lumpur Part 1 – Visit to the Mosque and Islamic Art Museum

Malaysia is a majority muslim country with about 61% of population being Muslim. I decided to write a blog post dedicated to my experiences with Islam here since I was surprised how well functioning the society is here. I must have been brainwashed by our mass media and unwillingly associate Islam with terrorism, oppression and economic repression. In a way, I am glad that this was the case as it proves how travelling and meeting people can open one’s eyes, not just to unconscious prejudices we hold but to the real state of things.

Kuala Lumpur is a vibrant city that feels very well developed, better so than what I saw in Manila for example. People are super friendly and food is amazing (this deserves its own post later).

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