Easter in Hong Kong Part 2 – Visit to Lantau Island

Lantau Island is one of the islands reachable from Hong Kong by the MTR. It is a home to Tian Tian Buddha, “the biggest outdoor seated bronze Buddha” in the world. Next to it is Po Lin monastery, a peaceful and beautiful place. All this is surrounded by green hills and lush forests, perfect for hiking.

There is a cable car that takes you from the metro station to the Buddha in 25 minutes. The ride goes past sea and breathtaking landscapes of hills and forest. Remember to book in advance online as otherwise queues can be up to two hours. We thoroughly enjoyed the ride. And even some hikers underneath us.

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Easter in Hong Kong Part 1

My first impression of Hong Kong was the impressive skyline that caught our attention already on our uber ride from the airport. Fleetingly it reminded me of New York. An island filled with skyscrapers.


Once we got out to explore the city, I saw few post boxes and double decker buses that reminded me of the UK. Curiously the block of flats where people live reminded me somewhat of Soviet Russia so in short Hong Kong is definitely a mix of many impressions to us. Read More »