About Us

Hi, we are Natalia & Markus Shepherd, and have been travelling the world since December 2015. We got tired of life in London, so decided to leave everything and haven’t looked back ever since. In January, we got married at the Church of the Good Shepherd in New Zealand, so let’s call this extravagance an extended honeymoon…

Natalia & Markus

Natalia is a psychology nerd from Finland (with some Russian roots) who enjoys good food and company. She has tried office based 9-5 job and it was not for her so now she is in search for something better. Hopefully one day she will work as a qualified psychologist somewhere warm – like Australia.

Markus is a mathematician from Germany (with no foreign roots whatsoever) but now earns money pushing buttons (i.e., developing software). Conveniently, all you need for this is a laptop and internet, so he’s now trying to fill the war chest with some freelance software development. He still tries to get his share of maths geekiness through his blog. Also, he loves board games.