Iguazu Falls – One of the Natural Wonders of the World

The Iguazu Falls will sweep you off your feet and leave your jaw dropped for days. It was by far the most impressive nature site we have seen in our travels. An area at the borders of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay contains 275 waterfalls which vary in size and speed of water flow. And they have lush, tropical forest where hundreds of birds fly and capuchin monkeys lurk in trees.


The waterfalls are spread between Brazil and Argentina. The geographical area in Argentine side is bigger so we recommend reserving one day for visiting the Brazilian side of the falls and two days for the Argentine side.



In general the transportation between parks is easy and cheap with local busses. We were considering at first renting a car but price wise the bus is cheaper than just parking a car for a day in the park. Also crossing borders with the car requires extra insurance and hassle. But buses really go often, every 20 minutes, and also have priority at the border so use those when travelling between parks.

In terms of accommodation, we decided to stay in Brazilian side as it is half price to that of Argentine side on average.

Brazilian side

One ticket to enter the national park for gringos is BRL57. After a 15 min bus ride from the visitor centre you will be greeted by a magnificent sight of waterfalls stretching as far as the eye can carry. And coatis. These little rascals are somewhat cute with fluffy tails and pointy noses. They will however fight you for your food so be careful.




There is a cafe half way thought the walk with decent and fairly priced coffee and stunning views to the waterfalls. Recommended spot to sit down and admire. It was also almost deserted of people when we visited as they are busy staring at the waterfalls. But we had some company from coatis and colourful birds. (I apologise for my lack of knowledge about bird names in any language. That is what growing up in a city does to you.)




The walk culminates to the site of Garganta do Diabo (Devil’s throat). You get very close to the waterfalls from the bottom. Stand for a minute and admire the force of water. Then take a lift to the top of the hill where you can see the waterfalls from the top. The walk boards are see-through so brace yourselves those who are afraid of heights. If you get lucky the sun will shine and you will see the rainbow on top of the falls, a view that will stay with you forever.







I recommend starting from Brazilian side as it gives you better overview of the falls and the area they cover.


We have many more photos from the Argentine side which deserve their own post. Stay tuned!