Christ the Redeemer – the Saviour with Open Arms

The absolute highlight of our stay in Rio was a ride on top of Corcovado mountain (710 meters high) to see Christ the Redeemer up close. We waited for a long time to make this visit on a sunny day with good visibility. Oh, it was totally worth the wait. The awe when you see the massive 30 metres high statue of Christ with his arms open is hard to describe. Not to mention the stunning view over Rio and Sugarloaf Mountain.

The traditional way to ride on top is to take a tram from Cosmovelho station. It is quite expensive (we paid BRL74 per person for online tickets) but we found it worth it as it climbs slowly past lush rainforest and offers panoramic views over the city. But if you are on a budget, we read that there are good minibus connections from different parts of Rio for BRL30-40.



The first thing you see when you emerge from the tram is the back of the Christ. Handsome. I was surprised how there are several escalators leading up to him – so people with mobile disabilities can get to the base of the statue too.






Oh, one tip before I forget. Despite sunshine and warm temperatures in town, it can get very windy and cold around the Christ. We only had sweaters but regretted deeply not having jackets and long trousers so do wrap up warmly when you go there. Luckily there was an indoor cafe where we could warm up with cappuccino and wait for the sunset.



I recommend to visit close to the sunset time so you can capture the sun setting over Rio. So beautiful. Also as soon as sun sets, the Christ gets illuminated with warm colours as he keeps watch over city.