Food Photos from Taipei

To celebrate the fact that Markus fixed photo upload issue, this post will have lots of random photos of different meals we’ve had here. Not recommended for hungry people.

We are really growing to like the food here, though occasionally it is getting too exotic for our tastes. Generally it is heavily meat based and has a good mixture of spices. Stews are common where they put many different vegetables and almost always cabbage. And of course some meat (usually pork, at least I think so) and egg. The dishes almost always come with rice.

It is also surprisingly cheap, we realised that we are spending much less money here than on heavily touristy Boracay. Anyway, to food pics as promised.

The next two are from Thai Restaurant downstairs in Sanzaru Plaza. Spicy beef and chicken. So yummy. And was served with rice of course.



Our indulgence meal of the month in Mr Onion. Five courses with very interesting salad that had both sweet potato and parmesan, snails in garlic sauce, french onion soup, fillet steak and ice crunch cake. All this times two for about GBP30. Not bad.






Some very nice and not so easy to find vegetarian food. Tofu with basil rice and cheese bimbip (or something like that). It had very nice cheese, fried rice and veggies.



And finally very interesting dinner we had tonight. They bring you vegetables, meat and hot soup where you are meant to cook all of that yourself. Please only try if you are confident with your chopstick skills as you need to transfer the things into the hot pot and then pick them up. We gave few people a good laugh.




Oh and some random food photos to wrap this all up.



2016-03-13 18.55.49