First days in Boracay

Our third day in Boracay, our home for the next month. This is the first morning I actually feel clear in my head and like I have enough energy to stay awake. As you know, we have been travelling intensively for the last two months, not staying more than 2-3 nights in one place. What a relief to unpack both of our suitcases and being able to have couple of days of not doing anything.


Our little studio is directly above Diniwid beach. To be more precise, 150 steps up or down. We get both the workout and seclusion of being isolated from the active life on the beach. I am getting more and more convinced that we got a bargain deal with our accommodation through airbnb. In February the whole island is 92% booked and the cheapest hotel rooms are about GBP50 per night. We only pay about GBP20 per night and have all we need here – comfy bed, aircon and wifi. Not to mention lovely views from up the hill.

My first impressions were a little mixed and obviously influenced by the whole night of travelling and not sleeping properly. It took us sometime to get into the mood that we are in fact in Asia. Everything is a little chaotic and no-one really knows how things work. Services are provided without you asking for them. One example is when we were getting off the boat upon arrival to Boracay-we were ushered out of the boat and “porters” jumped in, carried our bags out for us and said: “tips, tips!” It is all good, I don’t mind someone carrying my bag but Markus was quite outraged since nobody asked us if we actually want this service. So you basically have no option of carrying your own bag.

When we travelled past the city in the little tricycle (we were silently praying that our bags won’t fall off), we were filled with sounds and sights of busy life. I was feeling a little upset after seeing how some people live-basically few metal pieces put together in an uneven manner. I have seen this before in Thailand but somehow I didn’t expect it here – as Boracay is really touristy. Oh well, one needs to get used to it. And luckily people do seem happy and friendly and you actually don’t need a proper house since temperature stays around 25 degrees all year around.

So far we haven’t ventured much outside Diniwid beach as we have been basically living in a state of sleeping in the past days. However, we have tried all 4 restaurants on the beach. 3 out of them were really nice with delicious food. In Spider House we had very delicious sushi (one of the best I’ve had),


Wahine directly under us does good Pad Thai and cheap and strong cocktails. I think Boracay after sunset is even better than during the daytime – the heat of the day is gone, and palm trees reflect light beautifully and sand under the feet feels cool. We are really starting to love the cheap food and good atmosphere and soon will hopefully be able to explore the island a little more.